Nano 2016

In the Sapphire Caverns
Working on: Arriving at an army camp

Going on a trip this upcoming week, which will definitely cut my writing time down. And I'm also behind by about two days. I'm still optimistic about finishing this year's NaNo - It'll be my... eighth? I think?

Fortunae Plango Vulnera (fanfic) - Review

Fortunae Plango Vulnera (series) by eag

Furiosa, War Boys, Wives, Ace, world-building, angst, pre-canon, post-canon
Wow. Wow. Even if you aren't in the Mad Max fandom, you should read this fanfic.
Through connected short stories, eag explores the world and characters of Mad Max: Fury Road. Not just explore - eag builds them. The depth of these stories, the depth of these characters! I've read each of the parts... six? Ten? Maybe a dozen times and each read-through I learn more.

And damn, is there a lot to read. As of January 2016, the series is over 160,000 words. This is a tome-sized fanfic. And it's just as complex as well-written as any professional piece of fiction. If it were published in a book, I’d buy the hell out of it. I can’t rec this series hard enough. The complexity of the characters’ growth, and the joy of their triumphs and pain of their suffering gives them all such a pathos - Especially when you know their ultimate fate.

A Toast to the Future (fanfic) - Review

A Toast to the Future by juliettdelta
Slit/Toast, romance, world-building, post-canon fix-it, 23/?? (incomplete)
juliettdelta is another author that writes consistently amazing fic. This one is probably my favorite because the world-building is so fascinating. Gastown and the Bullet Farm are really great - creepy and horrible, with juliettdelta’s own unique spin on those places and what happens there. And Toast! And Slit! I really love how they’re both trying so damn hard, sometimes struggling or even fighting to get what they can out of the harsh environments that make up their lives. But they always remain interesting and sympathetic. I think they can both be difficult characters to write, but juilettdelta nails it.
zomg yuffie

sweet fuse - best dating sim ever

Title: mehhhh
Fandom: Sweet Fuse
Rating: PG
Author's note: Holy shit this is a great game. Saki/Ryuji

He completely wiped the spare phone. Numbers, old messages, photographs were all gone at once - he'd give it back to his boss at Ulysses to foist on whoever took his place. Ryuji's primary phone, his personal phone, that he'd have to go through one at a time. There were numbers he needed to keep: the guys from the park, some friends from the bar he'd stay in touch with, his landlord, even a couple of cousins he hadn't seen in years. And Saki, of course. Just hovering over her entry made him smile a little.

He needed a picture of her. More than one, he thought as he stared at the screen. And not just of her, of them together. He tapped his heels energetically on the floor of the subway car as he thought about all the places they go together. Another amusement park, definitely. With or without a conspiracy and megalomaniac costumed villains - He could take more on, no sweat, even with his stitches and his bruised ribs. Less time for romance though, he considered, imagining a Ferris wheel ride with her or a haunted house ride where he could pull her onto his lap and find her face in the dark with his hands.

More people got on the closer he got to Ginza, and he gave his seat to a tiny old dude with a tinier kid that had to be his granddaughter.

Could be me someday, he thought and grinned over the old guy's head.

He deleted the rest of the numbers in his phone without paying much attention to what he was doing. Scroll, delete, scroll, delete - Until huge chunks of his contact list were gone.

A chapter in his life was over. A whole damn book. He'd been alone since his parents had died; his grandmother had tried but she didn't fit in his life, or maybe he hadn't fit into hers. And his clients were clients. Ryuji slid his phone into his pocket and ran his hand through his hair as he thought. He liked them and he'd miss them, some more than others, but whatever he'd had with them wasn't a relationship. It wasn't friendship. They'd been good times, based on a common need, and he didn't regret any of it - not being in a gang and not being a host. But none of them even knew his name.

Maybe he didn't even know theirs.

To Ryuji, it was honesty that trumped everything else. Saki knew him, all of what he was and what he wanted to be. And she loved him, not anyway, not in spite of, but because.

He grinned again and pulled out his phone to look at her number again. Quickly he began to search online for an image to use for her until he got a real photograph - And found the perfect one: a cat with small ears, big eyes, and dark fur around its round face.